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Ball Mill and Why Is It Effective

ball mill. pellet mill,pellet machine, crusher machine, coal boiler, metal mold, grinding ball manufacturer, hoist crane, screening machine, breaker, grapple, washing plant, minning mill, feed mill, Sand Dryer machine, industrial sludge, shafting machine, gold washing machine, slitting machine, drilling equipment, rotary dryer, In many industries it is not a legend that many big and hard machines are used for the production. Industry that needs a lot of big and hard machine are the garments, mining industry, petroleum, the off shore oil digging, infrastructure, constructions, mass production, and many more. The need of big and hard machines should be followed by the understanding of the human resources that will operate the machine. It is very often that the people who suppose to operate the machine ended up know slightly some little things about the machine itself and hampering the efficiency of work. So that’s why it is important that the engineer or the operator learns how to do the machine well. That is a little introduction about the machine that is used largely in industry, now we will improve the talks about Ball Mill and how it works in industry of “minimizing” the size of particles.

Ball Mill is well known as one kind of a grinder that cylinder tube device which rotates on the horizontal axis. The destroying of the big particle which we “feed” into the cylinder is by using the ball placed inside the cylinder. The cylinder is made from the anti abrasive material like the rubber or aluminum. While the ball in the Ball Mill can be formed by some different kind of material like the chrome steel, stainless steel or the rubber. Turns out that rubber with some density could actually destroy big particle like ceramics and many things. That’s why the rubber is also used to grinder the particles in cylinder. The process of grinding the big particle is started by the movement of the cylinder on the horizontal axis. This movement will make the balls which is inside the cylinder will raised around 30 degrees and “fall” onto the particles and crushes it. This movement is repeating many times till the particles reach the specific size that is desired by the production. This pressure from the balls is also depending on the thickness and the solid of the material and the formation and density of the balls.

The result of this grinder will be out from the other side of the “feeding” hole. The size of the particle result can be as small as the fine powder, which actually the most required size by company and productions. The using of the Ball Mill is found normally in mechanical alloying process. In the making of some products like glass ceramics, cements, fertilizer, silicates, and many more the ball miles are used in fracturing the big material to be a powder and some of them ends the production chains while some others are still going to the other part that combined the “destroying” and “forming” from the powder to solid material.

Some of the things that you should consider before getting the perfect Ball Mill are the size and density of the medium or the balls. Let’s say for the size. It is important the size medium (ball) is bigger than the biggest particle to be “destroyed” because otherwise the particle will be hard to be destroyed. About the density, it is also essential that the ball is heavier and the density is bigger than the particles to avoid the ball stops on the top of the particles when it falls down.